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Standup Target Setback


Ugh! Yet another setback.  So I had picked up a few standing targets from Pinball Life which I used for setting up the decals I previously posted.  StandUp Target Decals

The new targets are much better built and the old ones were really in need of replacing.  The only difference was the mounting bracket I didnt want to have to drill new holes in the playfield nor realign the new targets.  So the plan was to just swap out the brackets on the new targets.  Except…The new batch of targets I got (all 20 of them) were all riveted!

Looking back the website does show them with rivets.  So Im not sure how /whymy first few samples were screws.  Oh well time to break out the drill :(

Only 19 more to go…


Standing Targets

Heres some quick samples Im working on for replacing some of the standing Targets. The original Elektra pinball has a total of 19 standing targets!

Some will get special chrome printed and plotter cut decals of the winged scarab while some others will also get gold record decals.