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Coils- Its a wrap!


I  couldn’t find much info on this in the usual places but thought it would be a fun touch to replace all the original Bally coil wraps with new Encom versions.  Decided to do them in a nice bright Florescent green which was readily available from the local office supply store. Then added a clear coat.  Unfortunately it did not give the wraps that glossy/waxy look of the originals but it did give the laser print a very nice glossy sheen making it look embossed! Very cool.




Coin Door Finishing Touches

Cabinet reassembly begins with some polishing and finishing touches on the coin door and shooter.

I cant imagine any Pinball Builder not having a buffer, so if you don’t take a trip to Harbor Freight and get er done. You’ll thank me later.


Dont care much for the old yellow 1 Play Quarter inserts so looks like Ill be reproducing some new inserts.