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What the FLUX!!!


Thank you think geek!  My BTTF pinball project so needs this!



OMGBTTF Re-themed to a BTTF LE w/MJFWTF!!!


Thats right McFly you heard it here first.  The biggest complaint I seem to hear about 1998s Data East Back To The Future Pin is the lack of Michel J Fox. Well thats about to change, as I gear up and get ready to rework my own BTTF Pinball Machine!

Adding all new sounds, replacing the 8bit midi music of Huey Lewis, and the original BTTF score. Newly recorded dialogue featuring the real Marty Mcfly. New art design, playfield plastics.  Other great mods will include, a lighted and motion controlled Delorean, A Nuclear Shaker, and lcd monitor featuring animations, movie scenes. So just wait when this pin hits 88mph your going to see some serious shit!