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Mission Control Panel

Sunday Solar War updates continue…

I while back I had some new metal panels fabricated and powder coated to reproduce the original Atari Video Pinball Control panels


I kept a few blanks set aside just incase the day came when Solar War would become a reality and that day is today.

Screenprinted from Original Atari Films the exact same way they were produced by Atari BITD.  I even had some inside help from a former Atari employee more on that in my next SW post. Months of work compress into a dozen random production pics. Enjoy.

Atari Video Pinball Prototype Project – Operation: Solar War

Project Introduction

One of my coin-op video game favorites is the 1978 Atari classic Video Pinball. Atari had a sequel of sorts scheduled for production but only ended up making  5 prototypes. Demands for huge selling arcade games like Asteroids, and Battlezone kept Atari pretty  busy and many projects like Solar War fell by the wayside never to see the light of an arcade.

Challenge excepted!  To help make this happen I would first need to find a Video Pinball cabinet I could convert and I found the perfect candidate.

I actually started this project well over a year ago and have made a tone of progress.  So I will be updating the blog build from the photo and video archives.  Lots of great stuff with plenty of tutorials on restoration, laminating/repairing cabinets, artwork, former Atari Employees the list goes on and on.  Wont make this years show but will defiantly hit the show circuit next season.  So stay tooned…