Fast Pinball

ATTENTION PINBALL BUILDERS!!!                                                                        Fast Pinball formerly known as Skill Shot is about to make building a Pinball from scratch  a whole lot simpler.

Ill be implementing this new hardware and software into my next pinball project build. Titled Bullet Shells and Broken Nails.  If you get that reference you already know what my next pin will be.

You can catch up with the folks from Fast Pinball at this yearsNorthwest Pinball and Arcade Expo June 6th-8th 2014

Stay Tooned…




The Cabinet Part One

The cabinet wasn’t too bad. Typical fading and needed a little filler work.  So broke out the paint stripper, sander, and got to work.

Looks like I forgot my camera when I did the filler and primer coats :(

But shes ready for art now.


Where Infinity Ends…Evolution Begins

My first Pinball project, Journey. A re-themed 1981 Bally Elektra

I know many myself included were amazed to find that they never made a Journey Pinball BITD.  Elektra just seemed such a right fit for this project the shape, the colors, the music, the Stanley Mouse art just begged for a pin. But this project has more behind it then meets the eye with a surprise ending to the main reason and  inspiration for this project yet to be revealed.  Wait for it…Its going to be BIG!

So its time to get started…For the past year or so Ive been gathering source material, working on ideas, designs, etc. then about a month ago it all just came together and the timing was just right to finally wrap this project up. I wanted to create a pin that looked and felt like an 80s pin from BITD. Much like my last Video Pinball project.    Video Pinball 2.0.  A Tron-itized version of the 1978 Atari Classic.


I also didn’t want a lot of modern pinball elements in it at all and decided to use ENCOM once again as the company source just so I could take a few extra  liberties with some of it. Using Encom also didn’t seem that far of a stretch since Journey was used and promoted along side the original Tron movie. Which from the soundtrack will include the use of Journeys 1990s Theme as the main music track for game play.

Tron Soundtrack AlbumTron-1982-Soundtrack




The Goonies Pinball


What a great theme! A new custom Goonies Pinball!!

Defiantly looking forward to seeing the development of this new custom pin currently underway and it looks like Mike Johnson is making some progress in turning this into a reality.

you can check on his progress and latest updates on his site:






Dont Stop Believn’


Like Richard Dreyfus sculpting mashed Potatoes I think this means something!  A little teaser from my first of 3 custom builds while I continue work on the setup of the new  site and Forum.





A new site and Forum specifically for custom pinball builders.

There have been a lot of custom builds and re-themes over the years and I find all of them both fascinating and inspirational. Pins like Ghostbusters, Futurama, and the Evil Dead are some prime examples of what can be done.  Even pins like Predator, Bill Paxton and the 3 Stooges have their place here and Im going to try and uncover them all!

I’ll be posting some of mine own custom pinball builds right here.  Stay Tooned…









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