The VP Tear Down

And the Solar War resurrection begins.  This project started a year ago so most of this content is from the archives as the game is now near completion.  But you cant make an omelet without breaking some eggs…So lets get started

I haven’t met a cabinet that couldn’t be saved. So despite the mold and crumbling particle I can rebuild them, make it  better, faster, stronger.

Once I removed all the rotted wood new particle board was cut and routed to the exact original size, and grooves. It was reassembled the American way by re-gluing and blocking from the INSIDE of the cabinet.



With so many recent setbacks with both the Journey pinball and other projects the Journey Pinball wont be making this years California Extreme :(

But Hold on to that feeling and Dont Stop Believin!  An all new SoCal Pinball expo is coming Jan 2015 Arcade Expo




What the FLUX!!!


Thank you think geek!  My BTTF pinball project so needs this!


Flipping out! Part 2


Got my 3d printed custom Drumstick flippers and how cool! Then a few days later I got a pair of Vic Firth Steve Smith Drumsticks.  Hoping to reproduce the art screened on the drumsticks onto the new flippers.


More 3d printing for the playfield coming soon, stay tooned.






Standup Target Setback


Ugh! Yet another setback.  So I had picked up a few standing targets from Pinball Life which I used for setting up the decals I previously posted.  StandUp Target Decals

The new targets are much better built and the old ones were really in need of replacing.  The only difference was the mounting bracket I didnt want to have to drill new holes in the playfield nor realign the new targets.  So the plan was to just swap out the brackets on the new targets.  Except…The new batch of targets I got (all 20 of them) were all riveted!

Looking back the website does show them with rivets.  So Im not sure how /whymy first few samples were screws.  Oh well time to break out the drill :(

Only 19 more to go…


Houston We Have a Problem!

A BIG setback today.  While putting literally the last screw and post on the upper playfield I realized the original screw had broke off in the wood! This went undetected on my tear down and even scanning as there were just small bits of wood that filled in the hole so I didnt think much of it.


Now I have to take the upper playfield back apart and try to extract the broken screw then attempt to repair the playfield so a new post can be mounted without damaging the new art or parts.  Its a fairly “high impact” placement that the ball comes in contact with from the shooting lane.  So my improved solution will be adding a tnut to the underside of the playfield and stronger metal bumper post.  So it dosnt happen again.





got balls?