Completing the Backbox

Finishing up the backbox. Painting the frame  a Navy Blue which matches the cabinet interior. Once the clear coat is dry it time to reteach it to the cab.



Upper Playfield Overlay

Started by completely stripping the playfield of ALL parts and screws. Then scanned the original artwork/playfield. Mapped out all holes in the playfield-Screws holes, Plastics inserts, target cutouts, etc.  Then did 1200dpi scans of some album artwork reworked the text/fonts and voila! The upper playfield is done and ready for final assembly! Printed and plotter cut on a 3m light reflective vinyl.



You Spin Me Round


With the targets almost out of the way it was time to work on the Spinners. Like all source material I tracked down a couple of genuine Journey screenprinted decals from BITD the image mostly used by their company Nightmare. Since most of the images you find online dont give you the resolution needed for reproduction.

The originals were pretty boring and only a one sided graphic. I liked the spinners of old where the 2 sides would animate or combined images to make a solid graphic.  I did some test prints on a opalescent color changing chrome vinyl and they look killer. Not only will the image be combined in the spin it will flash and change a rainbow of colors when spinning.

Standing Targets

Heres some quick samples Im working on for replacing some of the standing Targets. The original Elektra pinball has a total of 19 standing targets!

Some will get special chrome printed and plotter cut decals of the winged scarab while some others will also get gold record decals.





Transformer power plate clean-up, restore, and upgrades oh my.

New power supply board, cleaned transformer, brushed aluminum vinyl overlay, cleaned and replaced wires and ties. Polished all screws, nuts, and washers.  The original Caution label was missing so I recreated a new one based on some pics I was able to find online.  The end results were a power plate so clean you could eat off it.


Stenciling the Backbox

Some more stenciling fun.

got balls?