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Congratulations From Pinball Builders!!

Congratulations to Micheal on his custom Goonies Pinball project.! Winning 3 awards for his build at the Florida Freeplay show this past weekend! Best Homebrew, Best in show, and Best new Title. Awesome!


You can check the progress of the build on his site  and Im sure there will be more updates that follow.

Have an idea for a custom pin?  We can help.  just contact




WordPress Spam Sucks!!


What is it about spam with wordpress? Not my first WP blog site and have not cross posted any of this content. So why is it every Tom, DICK, and Harriet find it necessary to post random crap, to either “improve traffic”, get a bigger long lasting erection, or wedding cakes!

News Flash I have to approve ALL comments so none of this BS will ever get posted  your just wasting your time so PISS OFF PEOPLE!


Screening Pinball Aprons

Still finalizing the design on the Journey Pinball Apron but thought Id share a Pinball Apron Screening I did for another customers restoration a few months back.

Ill be adding Screening Services to the store very soon which will also include Pinball Speaker grills. Which Im currently working on for my Back To The Future Project.

Apron came to me pre-painted and artwork was supplied. So Ill I did here was print the film positives, prep and burn screens, and screen both the apron and shooter.





With so many recent setbacks with both the Journey pinball and other projects the Journey Pinball wont be making this years California Extreme :(

But Hold on to that feeling and Dont Stop Believin!  An all new SoCal Pinball expo is coming Jan 2015 Arcade Expo




Fast Pinball

ATTENTION PINBALL BUILDERS!!!                                                                        Fast Pinball formerly known as Skill Shot is about to make building a Pinball from scratch  a whole lot simpler.

Ill be implementing this new hardware and software into my next pinball project build. Titled Bullet Shells and Broken Nails.  If you get that reference you already know what my next pin will be.

You can catch up with the folks from Fast Pinball at this yearsNorthwest Pinball and Arcade Expo June 6th-8th 2014

Stay Tooned…






A new site and Forum specifically for custom pinball builders.

There have been a lot of custom builds and re-themes over the years and I find all of them both fascinating and inspirational. Pins like Ghostbusters, Futurama, and the Evil Dead are some prime examples of what can be done.  Even pins like Predator, Bill Paxton and the 3 Stooges have their place here and Im going to try and uncover them all!

I’ll be posting some of mine own custom pinball builds right here.  Stay Tooned…