My New Buddy

Just a quick follow up on a previous post regarding the light mod I did with the blue el tape from Californeon. Light Mod #2  I stumbled across something interesting from DK Custom Pinball that I really wanted to try out.

A BIG THANKS to Mike over at DK custom pinball for putting together a couple of these GI buddies and overnighting them out to me to have in time for the Northwest Pinball Show unveiling this weekend.

Purpose:  basically what I wanted was to only have the blue Eltape light when the lower playfield was active.  Seemed silly to just run power to it and have that light all the time.  So I tapped into one of the lower GIs that only come on when the lower playfield actives the GI Buddy takes that ac current and turns it basically into an on & off switch which then turns on the 5vdc needed to run the light mod.

These things worked great installed in a few minutes  and did exactly what I needed it to do! I do wish it had a small hole in the center for mounting though. hint …hint.