PITA PF Inserts WTF!?


Why in the world do replacement playfield inserts have a raised letter on them? I believe its a batch id but this size/location makes zero sense and why when ordering several would they be mixed batches giving you different shades of the same insert color! Its a good thing I only need 1 of these since they all dont match.  I guess note to self and words of wisdom to pass along whenever ordering …specify a specific batch letter (if thats even possible) to help get you all the same shade if more then one of that color is needed.

Now you have to sand it down, clear coat, etc.  not a huge deal if your doing a new or entire PF so you can sand and level them off before screening/applying new art  but this cant be the most common need for replacing inserts. I mean we’re not talking Stern or Jersey Jack here.    I would think new replacements coming from typical pin suppliers (Marco, Bay, PinLife,etc)  would mostly be used on older PFs individually to replace faded, worn or cracked ones. Making sanding and clear coating an unnecessary step-IMO

Just my 25c


Another PF teardown

A lot less intimidating the 2nd time round.


Had a few leaf switches out and had way TOO MANY issues with the LEDs  (More on the later.)  So I’m changing them all back to regular incandescent bulbs.

Also for a quick temporary placement of screws and parts a piece of Styrofoam or cardboard does the trick.