Squawk, Talk, and Rock

There’s nothing better then when you take a non working circuit board, recap/rebuild it, install it, and it actually WORKS!!!!  Re-flowed pins, cleaned and reseated chips, replaced pots, replaced voltage reg, and of course changed all the caps.  I got the cap kit from Big Daddy Pinball.  DO NOT BUY THIS KIT FROM BOB ROBERTS!  The kits Bob sells are all radial caps and not axial!

IMG_7393Now that thats running its time to add the new wav trigger.   Basic new sound/music operation is a background music track triggered by the shooting rollover. Journey’s 1990′s Theme from the original Tron movie. RolloverOther music features will include 3 main hit songs triggered by the standing targets in front of the JRNY Radio Station Tower (paper cutout temp shown) The new wav trigger will run through its own amp and additional stereo speakers.

A quick test of a few random standup targets and 1 roll over to test the waters.  The Standups have the button switches installed and they worked like a champ!  very pleased.  I simply used a 3m  high tact thin  foam mount tape (the backs of the buttons need to be insulated)  and are installed as shown in previous post.

But Ive still got one more trick up my sleeve for this. So stay tooned…










Ready To Launch!

Shooter ScreenPrinting the shooter.   Even though I had done the apron months ago.  I never really had a design set for the shooter until just recently.

Nothing too new and exciting. Nothing I haven’t done before.

Except…Did I mention it was BLACKLIGHT REACTIVE!


Note To Self…

Currently troubleshooting problems though the switch matrix.  Have about a dozen or so switches not registering.  One problem turned out to be on out of the 18 brand new standing targets installed, 2 of them had the diodes backwards!  Which is how they came from the mfg. in this case Pinball Life.  Not sure how common that happens.  Hours wasted :(


A few other switch issues included non contacting switches, bad diodes, as well as old broken wires that needed to be re-soldered.  Should be good to go and ready to power up again soon, so stay tooned……………….and Don’t Stop Beliven!!!

AH! A Monster!


My first official part for the new project has arrived! Is  it starting to look familiar yet?






Now here’s something interesting and very promising…


Finally a brand spanking new PROGRAMMABLE sound board for Pinballs!!


Unfortunately currently its  not supporting BTTF but I did just received notice from them that they do have plans to support this pin!  If thats the case sign me up.  Be sure to check out the website for the pins they currently support.  PinSound