Taking the Plunge


Original Video Pinball optical shooting assembly.  A lot of work, after full dis-assembly of all parts.   All metal,  screws, and springs were polished, replaced rubbers, reflowed all solder in opti-board.  Lubed pvc channel with Nyogel.






Ready for install…






Behold Backglass Glory

Layer 1 of 3- Mirror

Layer 2 of 3- Color

Layer 3 of 3-The Blockout

image-4      Unlike the modern translight backglasses of today the early backglass had a layer of silver ink screened on the back.  This was to allow light through selected areas of the art and hide text in the front so when lit from behind only the letters would light through the art. Such as “Tilt”, “Game Over”, etc.


So why silver? Silver ink has both a high opacity as well as a bright reflective aspect so it wont darken the previously screened colors.  So for this prototype backglass my version is a plotter cut 3m silver vinyl aligned and apply to the back side of the glass.  Adding fresh new plastic channels and brand new chrome lift trim from Marco


Color Me Backglass

Layer 1 -Mirror

LAYER 2 of 3-The Print

Backglass progress continues with the color print being laminated to the backglass behind the mirror ink.  Additional  Black was needed in the main graphic  to match the mirror stencil and several revisions and reprints were done before calling this done.


Playfield Printing in Glorious UV Blacklight Techinicolor!

George-Takei-Oh-Myyy      The Playfield is broken in 2 layers Bottom is a thick cardboard with the top “Island” Bumpers, lanes/guides, etc. printed on a 3/8″ foam board then glued together.


I did things slightly different as Im printing both the upper and lower art on a nice 3m bubble free matt vinyl which will then be laminated to a premium card stock and foam core then assembled to complete the final playfield.