A Playfield thats out of this Universe!

solarwar6     Getting started on the Solar War playfield printing and found this quite interesting.  Even working with the original films can still be troublesome.  Colors mis-labeled or number can and has made for disastrous results.  So before getting started on did what research I could on this.  First thing I found cool about this art is that it uses elements later used in Atari’s  Asteroids Deluxe.

The next thing I needed to determine was the colors to print and the order they would be printed in.  The first film was listed as Fluorescent Yellow.  matching the art/film to the ONLY pic I could find on the internet this didnt look Yellow to me.  Its more like GREEN!

So my first thought was well maybe they just decided to screen fluorescent green instead. wouldnt be the first time Atari made on the fly changes and not mark the films, especially with something that was only in prototype stage.  But then I thought lets look at pics of the original Atari Video Pinball to compare and low and behold the yellow screened in blacklight photographs green!  I should’ve remembered that.

So now that I had my answer  its time to get started…



Goonies Pinball gets a Helping hand from PinballBuilders

I really like where Micheal was going with his custom Goonies Pinball Project so thought Id reach out to help him along.  Course he had to do the Truffle Shuffle for me to get it done.


Prepping The Apron


Finishing up the apron.  Original Elektra Apron, striped, primed, painted and screenprinted.  Went with a metallic blue and its purdy.

Ill be adding Custom Apron Silk Screening to the store section very soon.  This can be for both custom and original Aprons. Prices start at $45per color.  So in the meantime anyone interested in apron screening can contact me at Rich@PinballBuilders dotcom



WordPress Spam Sucks!!


What is it about spam with wordpress? Not my first WP blog site and have not cross posted any of this content. So why is it every Tom, DICK, and Harriet find it necessary to post random crap, to either “improve traffic”, get a bigger long lasting erection, or wedding cakes!

News Flash I have to approve ALL comments so none of this BS will ever get posted  your just wasting your time so PISS OFF PEOPLE!


Mirror Mirror On The Backglass

LAYER 1 of 3

I had my doubts but man this couldn’t have worked any better!              It wouldn’t just be a backglass without some mirror ink.  But at $500+ a quart I needed to find another solution for this one off backglass.  I found this “mirror effect” spray paint at the hardware store when I was getting the sprays for my stencils and thought Id give it a try.

The end results were just stunning!

Lights and Sound BenchTest 1

So lets have some fun and test some of our new add-ons


First up is the Sparkfun Trigger board. Im using a newer different one over the older common MP3 version.   This new version also has software that gives you more control over each track and trigger.

Such as track looping, locking a track to prevent it from changing, independent volume control, random playback, and I you can assign more than 1 track per trigger for additional tracks of random playback.


The older ones had some limitations the big one being only 1 track playback at a time.  So if your using those you will likely need 2 of them one for Sound effects and a 2nd one for music plus an audio mixer.  Then still run the risk of having tracks “cut-off” by sub-sequential tracks.  This new one uses wav files and can trigger up to 8 tracks  at the same time! Or 12 if you do the firmware updates   Id also suspect those trigger numbers to increase over time as did the original Mp3 trig board.

This LED controller may change to something more custom but for testing purposes it should do the trick


Next up adding lights Ill have at least 2 light additions here that I didn’t want to interfere with original lighting matrix setups so I’ll be adding starpost lights to the playfield as well as a stage lights to the backbox.