Main Playfield-Part 2

Playfield assembly continues…A couple of different things to point out here.  Ill be adding the black outlines to all the inserts AFTER the print is applied.  I wanted to test this out and plotter cut out all the outlines for all the inserts.  They turned out FANTASTIC!   It not eliminates the cracking gap of the insert and playfield, but it also helps fix registration from the original screenprint. Also for those not familiar with Elektra, the main playfield is covered with 3/8″  plexiglass which I picked up a reproduction from CPR earlier this year.

Playfield Fun Stuff

Originally I was just going to make a plastic of this. But Jeff over at Parabolic Technologies  just blew me away with doing a 3d printed version of this for the playfield.

A Polishing Public Service Announcement

Polishing out the shooting ramp.
Sorry for the bad angle my tripod is shooting time-lapse of the playfield assembly.  Unfortunately this piece was too big for the tumbler and The 30+ years on this have taken its toll on this piece.  Even though you dont see it I wanted to buff the old ball trail out.


WARNING: Stainless gets pretty hot when buffing not to mention the piece is pretty thin and flexible making it harder to work with. So I secured it down to a piece of wood and got to it.  Also if it gets aways from me I dont have to worry about slicing my hand on its edge.  Hold on tight, and kids dont try this at home.


This Sucker is Nuclear!


oh yeah!

Getting ready to  install a prototype NuclearShaker hopefully we can help bring these to market very soon.  My plan  is to  hook it up to the spinner.  Which will be changing from this…


To this…


Just need to tap in and find 1.21 gigawatts to power it!

stay tooned…




Mission Control Panel

Sunday Solar War updates continue…

I while back I had some new metal panels fabricated and powder coated to reproduce the original Atari Video Pinball Control panels


I kept a few blanks set aside just incase the day came when Solar War would become a reality and that day is today.

Screenprinted from Original Atari Films the exact same way they were produced by Atari BITD.  I even had some inside help from a former Atari employee more on that in my next SW post. Months of work compress into a dozen random production pics. Enjoy.

Playfield Center Stage

Final Playfield overlay.-Part 1

So again once I had the original playfield stripped down it was scanned and I began laying out the new art.   The playfield print itself is plotter cut for all holes, including the screws.  This prevents the vinyl from bubbling or twisting when installing both the print and hardware.  Its also printed on a light reflective 3m vinyl so the art illuminates,  unfortunately the pics just dont do it justice.