New Boards R Here!!!

Replacing all boards which included the rectifier/power supply which I previously got from Bay Area Amusements.

But a BIG shout out to ArcadeShop for shipping out the new replacement Ultimate MPU and Solenoid driver boards which arrived in just 2 days! Thanks StevenG.  Ill eventually switch out the 2 lamp driver boards as well.  But for now hopefully baring no problems I can have it basically ready for CAX in a couple of weeks.

HA after installing the new boards and setting up the dips I just realized Ill be redesigning new Encom factory setting cards.


Upper Playfield Assembly Begins

Putting together the upper playfield. Playfield print is protected by a piece of .010/10mil plotter cut polycarbonate sheeting.  I really don’t like the look of laminated prints or Mylar coverings.  They wear and fog over time and if/when it needs to be replaced you’d have to replace the playfield art as well.  This way a new sheet of poly can be cut and reapply for next to nothing.  So the playfield will always have a nice new glass like look.

Coils- Its a wrap!


I  couldn’t find much info on this in the usual places but thought it would be a fun touch to replace all the original Bally coil wraps with new Encom versions.  Decided to do them in a nice bright Florescent green which was readily available from the local office supply store. Then added a clear coat.  Unfortunately it did not give the wraps that glossy/waxy look of the originals but it did give the laser print a very nice glossy sheen making it look embossed! Very cool.




Completing the Backbox

Finishing up the backbox. Painting the frame  a Navy Blue which matches the cabinet interior. Once the clear coat is dry it time to reteach it to the cab.



Upper Playfield Overlay

Started by completely stripping the playfield of ALL parts and screws. Then scanned the original artwork/playfield. Mapped out all holes in the playfield-Screws holes, Plastics inserts, target cutouts, etc.  Then did 1200dpi scans of some album artwork reworked the text/fonts and voila! The upper playfield is done and ready for final assembly! Printed and plotter cut on a 3m light reflective vinyl.



You Spin Me Round


With the targets almost out of the way it was time to work on the Spinners. Like all source material I tracked down a couple of genuine Journey screenprinted decals from BITD the image mostly used by their company Nightmare. Since most of the images you find online dont give you the resolution needed for reproduction.

The originals were pretty boring and only a one sided graphic. I liked the spinners of old where the 2 sides would animate or combined images to make a solid graphic.  I did some test prints on a opalescent color changing chrome vinyl and they look killer. Not only will the image be combined in the spin it will flash and change a rainbow of colors when spinning.