Lets Get Ready To TUMBLE!!!


Picked up a tumbler to clean and polish some  pinball parts.  Typically used for cleaning and polishing brass bullet shells Ill be trying this out for the first time  on something easy a handful of  push button nuts.

The next morning was like night and day. The nuts looked brand spankin new! These Pal nuts were always so dirty and oxidized I never realized they were actually stamped “Pal” on the side!                Im currently using the corn media, but plan to pick up some walnut media as well to compare. The corn media dosnt seem to do too well on rust.


backbox key looks like new!
backbox key looks like new!


Lights part1

The Journey Light mod for Parabolics Journey Arcade Upright machine was pretty cool and I plan to have this added to the backbox. With either a flasher circuit tied to a game/music activate or tying them into the backbox light circuit itself.


Im Flippin out!

So I reached out to Parabolic on KLOV of Parabolic Technologies who had done a super cool light mod for his Journey Arcade Machine because I knew I wanted a  similar mod for this pin,  more on that later. But had no idea how he had made it which then lead us to this…


We then started kicking around the idea of some custom Drum Stick flippers which would be used on the upper playfield level.                          So Jeff came up with a super cool 3d printed prototype and I couldnt be happier.

Journey Backglass WIP

This was fun to put together. Still dialing in colors, kerning fonts, and replacing gradients with halftones, but its coming along nicely.  One of the things I did while collecting source materials was analyzing some of Journeys original merchandising.  Items like stickers, tshirts, back stage passes, mirror glass prints, etc. to see what various printing techniques were used BITD which I would also replicate in the art elements needed for this project.

Much like the stencils I needed  high rez scans of the image(s) I needed, then vectorized, and do  color separations since I plan to SilkScreen this backglass. Which will be by far the most complex piece of glass Ive ever printed.




A small SGpin update and add-on… Literally

Well so much for not adding modern pin elements to this project. Thanks a lot Pinball Life. Just added to their site and now shipping to me for this project. Course once they arrive they will need to be given the Sailor Jerry treatment to look more SG and less Anime. but should make for a nice unexpected add-on to this pin project.

OMGBTTF Re-themed to a BTTF LE w/MJFWTF!!!


Thats right McFly you heard it here first.  The biggest complaint I seem to hear about 1998s Data East Back To The Future Pin is the lack of Michel J Fox. Well thats about to change, as I gear up and get ready to rework my own BTTF Pinball Machine!

Adding all new sounds, replacing the 8bit midi music of Huey Lewis, and the original BTTF score. Newly recorded dialogue featuring the real Marty Mcfly. New art design, playfield plastics.  Other great mods will include, a lighted and motion controlled Delorean, A Nuclear Shaker, and lcd monitor featuring animations, movie scenes. So just wait when this pin hits 88mph your going to see some serious shit!