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Illuminated T-Molding!!!

11076_1595163480702094_4195022746118863663_nThis is super cool and exciting to see.  Originally designed for the upright Tron Video Arcade game, we should see a variety of new colors and machine styles soon.

Along with the fact there’s probably room for some crossover in the Pinball market.


I know Ill be adding it to one of my previous pinball projects… the Tron Encom VideoPinball 2.0

IMG_1846bWhich Ill be making some upgrades to for this summers up coming shows along with the Encom Journey Pinball. 2015 NW Pinball and Arcade Expo, California Extreme, the Portland Retro Gaming Expo and quite possibly Grinkfest.  Im also going to go back and repost my build on the Encom 2.0 project here on