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Pee-wee’s Pinball!!!!


Started breaking some ground on my latest pin project.  With Journey coming to close it was time to start designing something new.  While working with Michael on the Goonies pinball I happen to be watching another classic favorite of mine Pee-wee’s Big Adventure on Blu-ray with commentary and found it funny how when Paul Rubens was discussing shooting on the Warner Bros. lot how he would frequent the Goonies set since the Goonies were such big fans. So at that moment the seed was planted for a new PINBALL!!!

I had always been a BIG Pee-wee fan and hope to bring that level of fun, joy, and play to my next project.  This will truly be a fan art tribute to all things Pee-Wee. The Movies, the music, and yes the Playhouse!!

A few rough concepts for the cabinet are allready underway.  The backbox will be a cross of a classic wedge head with  a wacky-Wacko-esq slant.  An animted backglass like in BlackHole (I think) and the super cool fan built Evil Dead.  With a custom Neon topper as seen on top the playhouse.

output_8FPFFyCustom built cabinet will include laminated Formica sides in a classic red retro ” Boomerang” style with logo graphics Screened directly to the cabinet sides. with White powder coated legs and rails.



AH! A Monster!


My first official part for the new project has arrived! Is  it starting to look familiar yet?




Todays Secret Word is…


A New Pinball Project Has Just Begun

IMG_7287      So while helping Micheal with the Goonies Pinball I started to developed a new idea for a new  pinball project.  I was able to pick up a partial Gottlieb Hollywood Heat Playfield from Portland Pinball Repair Company  locally Which also came in handy, having it on hand in helping Micheal with his build as well.  So Ill be taking some of the templates we created for Hollywood Heat to make Goonies and rework them into another brand new theme.  Which turned out to have a very unexpected Goonies connection!  Putting together art concepts now and all will be revealed soon.  So stay tooned…