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A small SGpin update and add-on… Literally

Well so much for not adding modern pin elements to this project. Thanks a lot Pinball Life. Just added to their site and now shipping to me for this project. Course once they arrive they will need to be given the Sailor Jerry treatment to look more SG and less Anime. but should make for a nice unexpected add-on to this pin project.

Bullet Shells and Broken Nails

My next pinball project in the works is for            Here Ill be converting a 1978 Bally Playboy into a “Sexy Girl” type of pinball incorporating the girls from SG.  Again not getting too modern with this theme, however the old 35mm slides will be replaced with new LCD displays.

Ive already started screenprinting a few of the smaller elements did I mention ALL the screenprinted colors will be UV Blacklight!

stripping the playfield

Some very ruff concepts for the cabinet art

Artwork will be stenciled on to the cab same process as the original pinball cabinets. With the backglass Silkscreen printed on the back side of tempured glass in Blacklight florescent and mirror chrome inks.

Drop targets

playfield drop targets will be replaced with new black ones with a screened white “SgGrimLogos”.
The cabinet will be stenciled on like most of the 70/80s pins were BITD.
So I needed to vectorize and color separate the art to cut the stencil



The Sexy Girl Pinball worked off a 35mm slide film projected from the bottom of the cabinet
So I’m updating this with a 10.2 LCD screen. Here’s a little walk thru of how it will basically work during the game play.

The pics  used here are not the final pics Ill use in the project