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The Goonies Apron Good enough?

IMG_7317     A last minute idea on my part was to screen the apron and shooter for this project.  Ive always liked this art of the standing cast holding hands,  and was used as far back as the old Atari and DataSoft daze.

More Goonies Goodness

Thought the teaser poster for The Goonies (also used on the Ltd edition score soundtrack) would make for some good side art here.

Original scanned in at 1200dpi to make the blowup work and had to rework the map on the left side in Photoshop to get it to fit on the cab and with the logo just right.

Goonies Pinball gets a Helping hand from PinballBuilders

I really like where Micheal was going with his custom Goonies Pinball Project so thought Id reach out to help him along.  Course he had to do the Truffle Shuffle for me to get it done.


The Goonies Pinball


What a great theme! A new custom Goonies Pinball!!

Defiantly looking forward to seeing the development of this new custom pin currently underway and it looks like Mike Johnson is making some progress in turning this into a reality.

you can check on his progress and latest updates on his site: