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Gets a Flux Capacitor

Finally got around to mounting and hooking up the Flux Capacitor.  With the help of the GI Buddy by Dk Pinball.

This version of the Flux Capacitor is the usb charger from  I first removed the cigarette adpater from the back which basically is just nutted on and clipped the 2 12v leads.  These leads were then ran up to the power board where I also installed the Data East Power Tap also from DK Pinball.

Now since the Flux has to be powered on each time I solder those leads closed and ran leads from the pop bumper below the ramp to the GI buddy. This way the Flux Capacitor only lights and activates with the pop bumpers and pretty pleased with the results.





Now here’s something interesting and very promising…


Finally a brand spanking new PROGRAMMABLE sound board for Pinballs!!


Unfortunately currently its  not supporting BTTF but I did just received notice from them that they do have plans to support this pin!  If thats the case sign me up.  Be sure to check out the website for the pins they currently support.  PinSound


The Flux Capacitor Revision2


Well Damm after getting the thinkgeek flux and deciding where and how to modify and place in the playfield, this one turns up.  A kick starter for a BTTF Flux Capacitor replica 1:10 scale!

Couldn’t decide on die cast or stainless so I had to back them both!  This will be a much better  version to  add-on for this project.  So in the meantime Ill just concentrate on the sound and LCD screen.



Adding the Flux Capacitor

Its what makes time travel possible.  Now I just need to find a way to harness and channel  1.21 gigawatts into the new flux capacitor.


wait what the hell is a gigawatt!!!

This Sucker is Nuclear!


oh yeah!

Getting ready to  install a prototype NuclearShaker hopefully we can help bring these to market very soon.  My plan  is to  hook it up to the spinner.  Which will be changing from this…


To this…


Just need to tap in and find 1.21 gigawatts to power it!

stay tooned…




What the FLUX!!!


Thank you think geek!  My BTTF pinball project so needs this!