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Bezel Printing Part2

IMG_6965The printing went off without a hitch. The higher mesh really help nail this detail. and the end results were just amazing.  A BIG thanks to Gabriel of Official Screens for the custom screens.

Bezel Printing Part1

551903_353352404785681_319012948_n     Actually screened this glass back in June and just never got around to posting.  Atari Solar War Bezel-  ScreenPrinted from original Atari films and even got some inside help from  former Atari employee Gabriel Sosa.   Gabriel use to be one of Atari’s screen printers BITD and now runs Official Screens here in Portland, OR.  The art was a little more detailed then I was use to printing.   (a very fine dot simulated process color.)  Which made  for some tricky setups and a much higher mesh then I usually use.



Taking the Plunge


Original Video Pinball optical shooting assembly.  A lot of work, after full dis-assembly of all parts.   All metal,  screws, and springs were polished, replaced rubbers, reflowed all solder in opti-board.  Lubed pvc channel with Nyogel.






Ready for install…






Playfield Printing in Glorious UV Blacklight Techinicolor!

George-Takei-Oh-Myyy      The Playfield is broken in 2 layers Bottom is a thick cardboard with the top “Island” Bumpers, lanes/guides, etc. printed on a 3/8″ foam board then glued together.


I did things slightly different as Im printing both the upper and lower art on a nice 3m bubble free matt vinyl which will then be laminated to a premium card stock and foam core then assembled to complete the final playfield.




A Playfield thats out of this Universe!

solarwar6     Getting started on the Solar War playfield printing and found this quite interesting.  Even working with the original films can still be troublesome.  Colors mis-labeled or number can and has made for disastrous results.  So before getting started on did what research I could on this.  First thing I found cool about this art is that it uses elements later used in Atari’s  Asteroids Deluxe.

The next thing I needed to determine was the colors to print and the order they would be printed in.  The first film was listed as Fluorescent Yellow.  matching the art/film to the ONLY pic I could find on the internet this didnt look Yellow to me.  Its more like GREEN!

So my first thought was well maybe they just decided to screen fluorescent green instead. wouldnt be the first time Atari made on the fly changes and not mark the films, especially with something that was only in prototype stage.  But then I thought lets look at pics of the original Atari Video Pinball to compare and low and behold the yellow screened in blacklight photographs green!  I should’ve remembered that.

So now that I had my answer  its time to get started…



Mission Control Panel

Sunday Solar War updates continue…

I while back I had some new metal panels fabricated and powder coated to reproduce the original Atari Video Pinball Control panels


I kept a few blanks set aside just incase the day came when Solar War would become a reality and that day is today.

Screenprinted from Original Atari Films the exact same way they were produced by Atari BITD.  I even had some inside help from a former Atari employee more on that in my next SW post. Months of work compress into a dozen random production pics. Enjoy.